EMBA benefits

Executive MBA (EMBA) is a certification/program meant for professionals. It is a high level education. There are many benefits to it. The EMBA benefits are given below.

1. Higher education means higher quality education. It means learning something which only the smartest ones will be able to understand. With this knowledge niche, you may know things other do not, and hence able to provide more value to the society.

2. Network. Classmates around you are similiar to you in terms of mindsets and attitude towards education. They want to excel in knowledge, and are information-hungry. You may hit off well with these people and they may be a valuable asset to you in the working society next time too.

Co-relation between education and career progression

The higher your education, the more successful you will be in your career? Is it true?

It is generally true that education does provide you an advantage in life. More people with higher education are proven to be more successful in life than people with lower education. However, there is also some outliers in this statistics as well, as there are also people with low educational qualifications who are extremely successful in life.

Success is achieved combining many factors and education is just one of them. Other important factors include your mindset and attitude.

So you may be thinking to take that EMBA programs now? Ask yourself whether your job requires that and if it will value add you.

Part Time Executive Education In Singapore

Further to my post earlier on Competitive Education for Optimal Success, Singapore’s education system does include part time studies as well.

While majority of the students are taking full-time studies in tertiary level (polytechnics and universities), there do have some students taking the part-time programs. Part time programs offer students more flexibility in planning their own schedule outside school as there will be only a few hours of education each day, usually in the evenings. Thus, they will be much more freer in the day compared to the full-time students.

In polytechnics, part time diploma programs are offered. In universities, part time degree programs, Part time executive MBA Singapore programs and part time phD programs are offered.

It is also noted that the duration of part time studies usually is longer than full-time studies as the curriculum are spread out thinner on more days.

Competitive Education For Optimal Success in Singapore

If you are looking for a school which can be highly competitive among its students without some student going crazy and going on a shooting rampage – Singapore is the place you want to put your kids through education.

Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world, and kids are are instilled by their parents to be competitive and get top in class, which is also common in China and Hong Kong, but in Singapore, your kids become multi-lingual and speak the international language of English better.

Any parent who wants to truly put their kid through one of the most thorough, rigorous and competitive environment MUST consider Singapore as a hub to spring to any other business environment in the world in the future – at least for virtually all of the foreseeable future.

If you are looking for a Singapore executive MBA program to improve yourself while your child goes through primary or secondary school, then check out more on my previous blog post about the importance of learning endlessly.

Things you may want to consider teaching your kids (Singapore)

Looking at the header photo, don’t you find the students looking adorable in their focused state of studying? This gave me an inspiration on the knowledge and skills that we should teach our kids from a young age.

Many parents in a competitive society like Singapore, send their children from a very young age of 2 to skills classes such as piano classes, ballet classes, singing classes, drawing classes, etc. Singapore has a strong deposition to learn endlessly in Singapore including post executive classes. Everyone wants their children to learn as much as possible, so that they may gain a better understanding of their strengths and gain an advantage over the others in the future. Every parents want their children to succeed. In view of this, I have listed down some things which you may want to consider teaching your kids providing them with the competitive advantage.

1. Financial education. This world runs on money. Things are always easier with money. Learning how to manage your money is one of the top skills and priority everyone should have. With finances running well, everything else flow smoother.

2. Music lessons. Music is therapeutic. Even if your kids don’t have talent to producing it, they can learn how to appreciate it.

3. Swimming lessons. Swimming is a life-skill everyone should have. Everyone will be in a pool or sea sometime in point in time.

4. Variety of physical lessons such as karate, dance, etc. Trying to see if they got talent for it, and making them exercise is killing 2 birds in one stone.

Learning Endlessly in Singapore – Even Executive MBAs

I said previously that the executive MBA in Singapore are opened up for working professionals if they want to return back to the schooling environment and improve themselves. Many people questioned the value of the Executive EMBA program and certification.

I would say that it would be worth it if you are intending to work in the relevant business fields in the future. People should never stop learning, and avoid saying no to education, especially high quality higher-tiered education like the Executive MBA programs. The EMBA programs will teach you relevant real-life skills that will serve useful in the students’ career next time. In addition, there is immense networking opportunity among the students, in a more friendly environment as compared to the complicated office environment filled with office politics.

Major assumptions used in this post are that (1) the education is highly relevant to the students’ career, (2) the curriculum teaches real-life, relevant, and practical skills and knowledge, and are not all textbook theories which are not true in real-life.

Singapore – A Safe Environment for Studies

Singapore is an extremely safe country. You can walk out in the streets alone at night without fear of being a victim of crimes. Based on statistical analysis report from the “Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)”, Singapore is the tenth safest country in the world to live in. Harsh punishments are the key behind this orderly city.

Thus, students can study with an absolute peace of mind here. You can concentrate on your studies well, or enjoy leisure activities with your social circle (helps to let you relax from the stress of studying) be it in public places or at home. The standard of living in Singapore is high generally, and students typically enjoy a fun-filled learning environments in schools, starting from primary schools, all the way up till universities. There are even educational programs opened up for working professionals if they want to return back to the schooling environment and improve themselves. The Executive Master’s of Business Administration EMBA is one such courses.

On a side note, Singapore is also the seventh cleanest city in the world, another bonus for all its inhabitants.

Singapore – One of the best places in the world for studies

Singapore is recognized as one of the best countries in the world to study in. Its top-quality educational system is consistently ranked amongst the top few spots in the world and in the region.

According to IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2011, Singapore was ranked among top 3 in the world for its educational system. Singapore was also ranked first in both Math and Science across 142 countries in World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2011/2012. Click on this link for more details.

In addition, just this year, 2014, Singapore’s education system in a cognitive skills and educational attainment index comparing 39 countries, is ranked third after South Korea and Japan. This global study is carried out by the forecasting service Economist Intelligence Unit which draws on existing data from international organisations, as well as figures on literacy rates, school attendance, and university graduation rates.

Because of its world-class educational system, the schools’ environments are very competitive as smart, hardworking and results-oriented students fight for the top spots in the schools. I would recommend this place to send your kids to, for them to learn as much as they can, for their own good.